Did you know HiveCE offers dual approved midwifery CE/lacation CERPs?

Our 5 CERP Bundle is now a 5 L-CERP Bundle! And we have a new 8 CERP Bundle also.

The 5 L-CERP bundle provides:

  • 5 L-CERPs
  • 4 hours MEAC approved CE
  • 3 hours ACNM approved CE

The 8 CERP bundle provides:

  • 5 L-CERPs
  • 3 R-CERPs
  • 7 hours MEAC approved CE
  • 3 hours ACNM approved CE

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Employee Training

Custom, on-demand training for your group practice or birth center

Save time and money with custom online employee training courses. We use existing courses (HIPAA!), along with materials and documents specific to your practice to design a private courses available only to your employees. Meet all your employee training requirements in one place! Email jesica@HiveCE.com about creating one to meet your specific needs.
Employee Training

Equity In Midwifery Education

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting and providing instant CE certificates for the Equity in Midwifery Education webinars. These webinars may be viewed through their website for free, we provide them here for a small fee for CE credit, 100% of which go to cover their expenses. Learn more about what they are doing to promote Equity in Midwifery Education at www.equitymidwifery.org.
Equity In Midwifery Education CE
Equity In Midwifery Education