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  • Midwifery continuing education

  • Nursing continuing education

  • CERPs for lactation consultants

  • CME accepted by the AMA and AMCB

Please refer to the details for each course to check current CE/CME/CERP approvals and expiration dates. Questions? Email [email protected]

Two New Courses!

Fetal Assessment in Labor + Better Charting for Midwives = 10 hours MEAC approved CE (Available separately, or together through the Better Assessment and Charting Bundle)

A New Bridge Bundle Is Now Available!

...and if you need even more CE...

Intact Cord Resuscitation

This course now provides 2.00 credits of prescribed CME!

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2023 Organizational Members:

  • Alabama Midwives Alliance (ALMA)
  • Association of Texas Midwives (ATM)
  • Arizona Association of Midwives (AAM)
  • Beautiful Beginning Midwife Training Center
  • California Association of Licensed Midwives (CALM)
  • Hill Country Birth Center
  • Maine Association of Certified Professional Midwives (MACPM)
  • Massachusetts Midwives Alliance (MMA)
  • Michigan Midwives Association (MMA)
  • Oregon Midwifery Council (OMC)

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What courses may be used for CPM renewal? What courses may CNMs use to renew their licenses? What courses may be used for recertification through IBCLE? What courses may be used for NARM's Midwifery Bridge Certificate?


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