50% Scholarship for Online, On-Demand Courses

For MOC and Student Midwives of Color

HiveCE and instructors recognize the vast disparity in maternal and infant outcomes by race in the United States, the disproportionate number of white midwives in the United States, and the need to address both these issues with the same solution - more Midwives of Color!      

In light of these facts, we offer a 50% scholarship* to any MOC/Student Midwife of Color. If you would like to receive this scholarship, please email jesica@HiveCE.com, with the name(s) of the course(s) you wish to take.

The fine print:

This scholarship is available for all online, on-demand courses. (See below for Bundles and Hands-On Suturing scholarship details.)

MOC/SMOC may receive this scholarship for multiple courses. Instructors may limit the number of students that receive a discount on their individual course.

Details regarding scholarships for bundles and hands-on offerings with a live component will be specified in the offering, if available.            

Hands-On Suturing, and the Bridge Bundle to Compliment Hands-On Suturing

For MOC and Student Midwives of Color Partial Scholarship for

"Stress and racism are constant factors in African-American women's lives, and are inseparable from their pregnancy experiences."

-- Barnes GL. Perspectives of African-American women on infant mortality. Soc Work Health Care. 2008; 47(3):293-305.