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This unique book is a complete guide to the care of the pelvic tissues for midwifery-level practice.  It begins with a detailed section on female pelvic anatomy that includes many newly understood concepts regarding this region.

Next, the text explores theories about perineal responses to fetal descent and how to prepare for and support a tear-free birth. Chapters covering a variety of pelvic conditions follow. Then, the book becomes a step-by-step manual for learning to suture, including chapters on equipment; how to use common surgical tools; tying knots; and creating stitches. All these topics have been much expanded in the current edition.  Finally, the book goes into putting these skills to use in a variety of different types of repairs.

Although the general format of the book is the same as in previous editions, it is much more in depth and many new chapters have been added. The book concludes with a newly designed 3D model of the pelvic floor for students to construct (the purchase of additional materials is necessary to complete the model).


More information about this book, and others by Anne Frye, can be found at her website:

Anne Frye, CPM

About the Author

As a student midwife in 1978, Anne Frye recognized the need for comprehensive midwifery textbooks for the homebirth setting. In addition to her clinical practice, Anne Frye went on to author Holistic Midwifery (Volumes I and II), Understanding Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year, and Healing Passage. Her books are now in their second, sixth, and seventh editions, thousands of copies sold worldwide. These textbooks have become required reading for most midwifery students, and the titles that practicing midwives keep handy for reference.
Anne Frye, CPM

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