Our Organizational Members

The following organizations have an Organizational Membership that is current for 2022:

Members of those organizations enjoy benefits of discounted CE as shown below:

Please contact your organization for information on how to access these benefits.

Interested in an Organizational Membership for your midwifery, lactation or nursing association, school, or other professional group? [read more]

Our Credentials

Our Instructors

Our instructors combine recent research with extensive clinical experience to create courses that are evidence-based, respectful to client autonomy, and relevant to the realities of clinical practice. 

Instructor bios are listed on each coursepage.

Our Values

All courses on HiveCE must be in alignment with our company values: 

1. Informed Choice is the cornerstone of midwifery care, and a best practice for all patient care.

2. Access to quality, evidence-based, continuing education, regardless of geographic location is vital for the process of Informed Choice. 

3. While Obstetric standards may be used as one reference to inform the creation of Midwifery standards, Midwifery is a standalone profession.

Our Community Partners

Our Instructional Format

("Are these just webinars?")

Our courses are carefully designed to maximize online learning by using educational techniques that engage a variety of learning styles, and allow learners to revisit information later for reference purposes. 

HiveCE courses are not* webinars!

Our on-demand course videos include:

  • recordings from live conferences
  • studio recorded speakers
  • distance recorded speakers
  • animated presentations

In addition to videos, other learning methods include written content, interactive learning exercises, and a discussion area with instructors and other students. You may find the detailed list of what each course entails under "Course Curriculum" on the coursepages.

Courses are formatted with short, topic-specific sections that are easily used later for reference purposes. No wading through 2 hours of content just to find the answer to that one thing you can't remember!

Unlike many online course platforms, which only provide access for a few weeks, you'll have the opportunity to keep access for at least as long as the course is approved for CE. 

*The content we host for Equity In Midwifery Education are webinars. Equity in Midwifery Education webinars are not created by HiveCE. We simply host the content, and provide a mechanism for CE Credit. 

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