Benefits of Membership

  • Special Pricing for Transfer Tools

    The creators of Transfer Tools for Midwives, EMS, and Hospital Providers have decided to offer this course to Organizational Members for only $75!

  • Discount Rate for All Other On-Demand Courses

    Members of your organization may enroll in our on-demand continuing education courses at a 20% discount. (See details below.)

  • Members-Only Courses

    We will host private courses for your members only - you provide the material, we provide the instant access, technical support, and customer service! As many private courses as you desire.

Membership Details

  • Best Deal

    Save $71 per year by choosing yearly vs monthly payment. To "lock in" to that yearly rate, choose the recurring yearly membership.

  • Cancellations

    Memberships may be cancelled anytime, cancellations will become effective at the end of the paid enrollment period.

  • Included Courses

    When creating new on-demand courses, each instructor/non-profit chooses whether that course will be included in this offer. As of December 2020, we have not had any instructor/non-profit opt out! However, HiveCE reserves the right to this opt-out for future on-demand courses. (Please note: Hands-On Suturing provides a live component and is not included in this discount.)

50% off our Organizational Membership?

Does your organization qualify for

We are offering 50% off our Organizational Memberships to any midwifery organization that:

  • Was formed in 2019 or later, or
  • Has had CPMs become officially recognized/licensed in their state in 2019 or later, or
  • Has 20 members or less, regardless of the year of formation or state status of CPMs

If your organization meets any of the above criteria, please use code GROWCPMS at checkout for 50% off any of the Organizational Membership options.

Payment Plans

Choose the option best for your organization

  • $38.00 / month

    Recurring Monthly Membership
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  • $400.00

    1 Year Membership Non-Renewing
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  • $385.00 / year

    Recurring Yearly Membership
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