Can midwives give a cash discount, self-pay discount, uninsured discount? What about prompt pay? 

And...can insured clients be offered a prompt pay discount as well? 

What about a discount for financial hardship or sliding scale?

This mini-course from Billing for Midwives identifies dangerous discount strategies, reviews recent court cases, and then covers the safe(r) solutions through real-world examples.

Then, you are provided with a framework, strategy, and downloadable worksheets to create safe(r) discount structures for your practice. This course is best taken after completing BfM's Setting Your Fees. Both are included in BfM's Extended Access, along with other benefits.

Approved by MEAC for 2 hours of continuing education under approval number M2122-97-08202DE through August 31st, 2024.

  • Jesica Dolin Gutierrez, BSM

    Instructor Bio:

    Jesica Dolin Gutierrez had the honor of attending over 600 births in her 15 years spent practicing as a homebirth and birth center midwife. In her post-call life, she served three terms on the Advocacy Council of the Oregon Midwifery Council, taught at Birthingway College of Midwifery, worked as a consultant to midwifery lawyers and software companies, served on advisory boards to the Oregon Health Authority, and volunteered with MEAC as a CE reviewer. She founded HiveCE in 2015, and is devoted to improving care and options for perinatal families and providers through continuing education and research.

    Jesica Dolin Gutierrez

    Midwife and Founder of HiveCE

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Dangerous Discounts and Safe(r) Solutions
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    • Dangerous Discounts and Recent Litigation
    • Articles, Laws & Court Rulings
    • A Roadmap for New Physicians: Fraud and Abuse Laws (US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General)
  • 02
    Self-Pay Discounts
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    • Self-Pay Discounts
    • Articles and Self-Pay Examples
    • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Uninsured Patient Discount Policy
    • Edward-Elmhurst Health Discounts
  • 03
    Prompt Pay Discounts
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    • Prompt Pay Discounts
    • Articles and Prompt Pay Examples
    • Skagit Regional Health Prompt Pay Discount Policy (Uninsured only)
    • Northern Inyo Healthcare District Prompt Pay Discount Policy (Insured and Uninsured)
    • UW Medicine VMC Billing Policies (Insured and Uninsured Prompt Pay Discount)
    • Aultman Alliance Community Hospital Financial Assistance Policy (Insured and Uninsured Prompt Pay Discount
  • 04
    Financial Hardship Discounts
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    • Financial Hardship Discounts
    • Articles and Financial Hardship Discount Examples
    • Loyola Medicine Financial Assistance Application
    • UCLA Physician Services Financial Assistance Application
    • University of Miami Health System FAP Application
    • UVM Medical Center Financial Assistance Application
    • Legacy Health Financial Assistance Plain Language Explanation
    • Legacy Health Financial Assistance Application
    • Legacy Health Sliding Scale Chart
  • 05
    Other Discounts, Combos, and Whattabouts
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    • But whattabout...
    • Articles
    • Methodist Health Self Pay Policy
  • 06
    Crafting Your Safe(r) Discounts
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    • BfM Safer Discounts 6 Crafting Your Discount Structure
    • BfM Safer Discounts Roadmap
    • BfM Crafting Your Own Discount Structure
  • 07
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    • Evaluation Questions
    • Post-Test

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