Setting your midwifery fees is all about finding that sweet spot - not too high, not too low. But what defines that, and what information do you need to determine the appropriate fees for your area?

This mini-course outlines multiply pathways to those answers, and then holds your hand through the process, with downloadable worksheets, walkthrough videos, and examples.

If you've been overwhelmed by this process in the past, this course is for you!

Bonus: All course participants are invited to attend an optional drop-in Zoom session on Thursday, February 17, 2022, for live Q&A and personalized support in this process. If you learn best from live, personalized instruction, be sure to enroll and complete the on-demand course by February 16th, 2022.

Upon completion of the on-demand portion of this course, a HiveCE Certificate will be issued for 2 hours of CE, which will count as Category 2 CE for your CPM renewal. 

Course Evaluations

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“This was such a helpful course! I just signed up with a billing service and needed to set my fees but had no real idea how and now I not only have a list of fees but a solid understanding of how each one came about. Thank you for including the additional resources and making this so easy to understand! This was the first billing course I've ever attended that was easy to follow.”

January 2022 Participant

Jesica Dolin, BSM, CPM

Instructor Bio:

Jesica Dolin practiced in Oregon for about 15 years, and attended over 600 births during that time. In her post-call life, she served three terms on the Advocacy Council of the Oregon Midwifery Council, taught at Birthingway College of Midwifery, and worked as a consultant to several midwifery-related companies. She is the founder of HiveCE, and is now devotes her work time fully to improving midwifery care for clients and midwives through continuing education and research.
Jesica Dolin, BSM, CPM

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Setting (and Updating) Your Fees: Finding That Sweet Spot
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    • Part 1: How To Find The Sweet Spot
    • Setting Your Fees Worksheet
    • Links to Fee Comparison Tools
    • Part 2: Using the Worksheet to Create Your Fee Schedule
    • Options for Direct Help
  • 02
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    • Consumer Reports Issue Brief November 2016: Consumer-Facing Healthcare Cost and Quality Tools
    • How Much More Than Medicare Do Private Insurers Pay? A Review of the Literature (Kaiser Family Foundation)
    • Medicare Rates as a Benchmark: Too Much, Too Little or Just Right?
  • 03
    Course Evaulation and CE Certificate
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    • Evaluation Questions
    • Completion Certificate

Course Evaluations

Shared with permission from our

“This helped me set my prices and made me more confident to accept insurance.”

Chris Duffy, CPM

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