The midwives’ model of care is well-suited to meet the needs of people with diverse gender and sexual identities. In this webinar, we will cover why inclusion and integration are relevant, discuss the history of how we have understood and defined sex and gender, and review key concepts including gender identity, biological sex, and gender expression. We will examine best practices in midwifery and the ways in which the interests of midwives and women are aligned with those of transgender folks. Finally, we will consider particular challenges for educators in creating inclusive learning environments and responding to student needs and perspectives.

Approved by MEAC for 1.5 hours of continuing education, approval number M1920-14-0919DE through September 30th, 2021; approval number M2122-18-1001DE through September 30th, 2023.


Indra Wood Lusero is a Staff Attorney with National Advocates for Pregnant Women, and founder of the Birth Rights Bar Association and Elephant Circle, a birth justice capacity-building organization. Indra is a genderqueer Latinx parent rooted in the Southwest, dedicated to defending clients and advocating for policy change that supports families, and honors our physiologic well-being.

Course curriculum

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    • Sex and Midwifery, Oh My! Creating a Gender Affirming Community
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    Evaluation, Post-Test and MEAC CE Certificate
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    • MEAC Evaluation Questions
    • MEAC Post-Test
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