Originally created for midwives, now available in this version modified for parents to view directly! 

Contains 1 hour of videos, plus optional readings and quizzes, and the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor in the discussion area.

Learn techniques that research has shown to be effective in preventing and correcting back pain. Students will learn how to:

1. Practice inhibitory thinking in order to prevent automatic patterns of neuro-muscular dysfunction. ("Pause")

2. Practiceself-talk that results in increased dynamic postural tone. (“Lighten Up”)

3. Recognizecommon patterns of misalignment to compensate for changes in mass withpregnancy.

4. Employa competent “Position of Mechanical Advantage”(Monkey).

5. Suggestmovement, postural and cognitive strategies totheir clients to mitigatecommon, automatic patternsof compression and misalignment.

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A fundraiser for the Oregon Midwifery Council.

  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Eve Bernfeld is a Certified Alexander Technique (AT) Teacher and owner of In Balance Alexander Technique. She also teaches AT as an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark College, at Mittleman Jewish Community Center, and through numerous workshops and talks at a variety of institutions and businesses. She trained at the Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique in Portland, completing her 3 years and over 1600 hours of hands-on training in 2011. Eve went on to study Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Birth in London with Ilana Machover, a senior AT teacher, and founding member of Doula UK and the National Childbirth Trust. Her work is also informed by her Master’s Degree in Theatre Education, her decade as a drama teacher and 20-year performance career. Eve is passionate about teaching methods of empowerment around preventing or improving pain and stress. She introduces a form of embodied mindfulness that helps people unravel their unseen habits of compression and excess tension, which are generally the root cause of many of our issues. Eve is also a mom of toddler triplets who keep her practicing what she preaches, moment by moment.

    Eve Bernfeld, MA

    Certfiied Alexander Technique Instructor

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Part 1
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    • How To Get The Most Out Of This Class
    • Preventing Back Pain Handout (English): This is provided as a resource to you. We highly recommend you download and print it as a reference for you to remember and practice the activities.
    • Preventing Back Pain Handout - Spanish
    • Video 1.1: Intro and First Exercise
  • 02
    Part 2: The Foundations of Body Mechanics
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    • Video 2.1: The Triplets, and a Proposal
    • Video 2.2: Patterns of Balance
    • Video 2.3: Pull Up vs Relax vs Lighten Up
    • Part 2 Quiz
  • 03
    Part 3: How To Bend
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    • Video 3.1: The Waist Is Not A Joint
    • Video 3.2: Monkey ~ A Squat Interrupted
    • Video 3.3: Fine Tuning the Monkey ~ What About Lordosis?
    • Video 3.4: What About Engaging The Core?
    • Video 3.5: This Hurts My Knees!
    • Video 3.6: A Deeper Monkey For Labor (and The Full Squat)
    • Part 3 Quiz
  • 04
    Part 4: Putting It All Together
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    • Video 4.1: How To Balance Extra Mass In The Front
    • Video 4.2: Live Audience Q & A
    • Part 4 Quiz
  • 05
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    • Research

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