We are excited to announce this second Hands-On course! The format is similar to Hands-On Suturing in some ways, and different in others. Here is the hybrid format for Meds By Injection:

1. Enrollment is available on an on-going basis

2. The on-demand portion is available immediately upon enrollment

3. Sign-up for a 1 hour private Zoom (Available dates/times can be seen here, but you'll need to enroll in the course to reserve a slot.)

4. We'll send you a supply kit to use during your live Zoom. The supply kit is sent at no additional fee, and return postage is included.

5. Prior to your live Zoom, you'll need to complete the on-demand portion, including passing all written quizzes.

6. During your live Zoom, you'll practice administering medications, receive feedback from the instructor regarding your technique and skills, and then take a skills test.

7. After your live Zoom, you'll return your supply kit. You'll continue to have access to the on-demand portion for at least a year.

  • What types of medication administration Meds By Injection cover?

    This course teaches: Intramuscular (IM), Subcutaneous (SC or SQ), Intradermal (ID), and the administration of perineal anesthetic.

  • Does Meds By Injection cover administration of IV antibiotics?

    No, all IV skills will be included in another Hands-On course we are creating: Hands-On IV.

  • How many hours of CE does Meds By Injection provide?

    Meds by Injections provides 4 hours of MEAC approved CE.

  • What is in the supply kit?

    The supply kit will contain needles, filter needles, syringe, gauze, alcohol pads, practice medication, models to practice injection, and a clamp stand for your phone so the instructor will be able to see what you are doing.

  • What supplies do I need to provide?

    The supply kit contains everything you will need for your skills test via Zoom...except for gloves! You will need to provide those for yourself, in whatever size best fits you. Non-sterile gloves are a-ok for your skills test.

  • What technology is required to take this course?

    You will need the ability to connect to Zoom from a computer AND a phone/tablet. You will need an internet connection in a private space (IE - not a coffee shop).

  • Can I take Meds By Injection from a country other than the United States?

    Yes! We have had participants in our Hands-On courses join from Argentina, India, Israel, and South Africa. However, we customize a plan with each person outside the United States on how you'll get your supplies. If you are outside the US, please email [email protected] so we can get creative together.

  • What is needed to get my CE Certificate?

    1. Finish the on-demand content, including passing the written quizzes. 2. Pass your skills test during the live Zoom. 3. Complete your course evaluation. 4. Return your supply kit.

  • May I use this course towards NARM's Midwifery Bridge Certificate?

    Yes! This course provides three hours in Category 1 (Maternal), AND one hour in Category 2 (Newborn) for the NARM Midwifery Bridge Certificate.

Approved by MEAC for 4 hours of continuing education under approval number M2223-48-0316DE through 4/30/2025.

This course qualifies as a "hands-on" course towards the Midwifery Bridge Certificate for:

  • three hours in Category 1: Maternal Complications, AND
  • one hour in Category 2: Newborn Complications

This course meets the state of Oklahoma requirement for "coursework or training certificate in administration of medicine including injections."

  • Holly Scholles

    Instructor Bio:

    Holly Scholles, MA, CPM, is a homebirth midwife with over 40 years of experience, and was the founder and president of Birthingway College of Midwifery. She is also an anthropologist specializing in human reproduction and medical anthropology.

    Holly Scholles

    MA, CPM

On-Demand Portion

  • 01
    Show details
    • How to Take this Course
    • Before we go on...
  • 02
    Injection Basics
    Show details
    • 1.1 Preparing the Site and the Medication
    • 1.2 Choosing the Right Syringe
    • 1.3 Choosing the Right Needle, Part 1
    • Choosing the Right Needle Quiz
    • 1.4 Choosing the Right Needle, Part 2
    • 1.5 All About Filter Needles
    • 1.6 Safety Considerations
    • 1.7 Safety Needles
    • 1.8 Post-Administration Monitoring
    • 1.9 Supplies
  • 03
    IM Injections
    Show details
    • 2.1 Adult IM Injection Sites
    • 2.2 Strategies for Adult IM Injections
    • Recommended Readings on Needle Length Considerations
    • 2.3 Z Track Method and To Aspirate or Not To Aspirate
    • 2.4 Newborn IM Injection Site
    • 2.5 Speed and Timing
    • 2.6 Meds By Inj Dorsogluteal Site Underlying Structures
    • 2.7 Locating the Dorsogluteal Site on a Medical Model
    • 2.8 Locating the Ventrogluteal Site on a Medical Model
    • 2.9 Locating the Vastus Lateralis Site on a Medical Model
    • 2.6 Step-by-Step Walkthrough of an IM Injection
  • 04
    Subcutaneous and Intradermal Injections
    Show details
    • 3.1 Subcutaneous Injections (SQ or SC)
    • 3.2 Locating the SQ Abdominal Injection Site on a Medical Model
    • 3.3 Step-by-Step Walkthrough of a SQ Injection
    • 3.4 ID Sterile Water Papules
    • 3.5 Step-by-Step Walkthrough of ID Injection
  • 05
    EpiPens and Epinephrine
    Show details
    • 4.1 EpiPens vs IM vs SQ
    • 4.2 How to Use the Epi-Pen
    • 4.3 How to Use the Epi-Pen Trainer
    • UpToDate's Anaphylaxis: Emergency treatment
    • Bonus Article: The Long, Strange History of the EpiPen
  • 06
    Anesthetic Administration
    Show details
    • 5.1 Anesthetic Administration for Perineal Repair
  • 07
    Live Zoom Supplies, Testing, and Course Evaluation
    Show details
    • Supplies and Skills Test Details
    • Written Test
    • Course Evaluation

On-Demand + Private Live Zoom

Instant access to the on-demand content, plus a one hour private Zoom skills test (supply kit included)