Karline Wilson-Mitchell, DNP, MSN, CNM, RM, RN


Karline Wilson-Mitchell, DNP, MSN, CNM, RM, RN
  • Summarize the research which explores students’ concerns about their academic learning experiences when they are working across socio-cultural differences
  • Discuss insights and approaches to difficult but common areas of discomfiture encountered in the clinical teaching setting
  • Describe techniques for engaging students in experiential learning with respect and cultural sensitivity
  • Explore the challenges of maintaining a balance between student and client rights and needs which can be challenging
  • List strategies for equitable treatment of students and clients who belong to different groups; including difference in race, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, body size and appearance, ability, age, socioeconomic class, religious faith, and gender.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Webinar Replay: Infusing Equity & Diversity into Clinical Teaching
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    • Infusing Equity and Diversity into Clinical Teaching
  • 02
    Post-Tests and CE Certificates
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    • MEAC Evaluation Form
    • MEAC Post-Test and CE Certificate
    • ACNM Post-Test and CE Certificate

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