Karline Wilson-Mitchell, DNP, MSN, CNM, RM, RN


Karline Wilson-Mitchell, DNP, MSN, CNM, RM, RN
  • Summarize the research which explores students’ concerns about their academic learning experiences when they are working across socio-cultural differences
  • Discuss insights and approaches to difficult but common areas of discomfiture encountered in the clinical teaching setting
  • Describe techniques for engaging students in experiential learning with respect and cultural sensitivity
  • Explore the challenges of maintaining a balance between student and client rights and needs which can be challenging
  • List strategies for equitable treatment of students and clients who belong to different groups; including difference in race, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, body size and appearance, ability, age, socioeconomic class, religious faith, and gender.

This course has been approved by MEAC for 1.5 hours of continuing education. The MEAC approval number for this course is M1920-84-0320DE through 3/11/2022.

This course was previously MEAC approved under number M1718-37-01117DE.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Webinar Replay: Infusing Equity & Diversity into Clinical Teaching
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    • Infusing Equity and Diversity into Clinical Teaching
  • 02
    Post-Tests and CE Certificates
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    • MEAC Evaluation Questions
    • MEAC Post-Test and CE Certificate

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