Learning Objectives:

1. The participant will be able to implement HIPAA by identifying the components that are required in developing a privacy policy.   

2. The participant will recount how to provide patient access to records as well as how to protect and transfer health records.

3. S/he will list the legally necessary forms to document HIPAA compliance and implement required updates for changes that have occurred within the past 5 years. 

Please see the Course Curriculum below for a full list of what this course includes. (And if you'd like to purchase ready-to-personalize forms, please see the bundle option at the very bottom of the page.)

This course has been approved by MEAC for 3 hours of continuing education. The MEAC approval number for this course is M1920-58-0201DE, and this approval is current through January 23rd, 2022.

This course was previously approved from January 23rd, 2018 through January 23rd, 2020, under MEAC approval number M1718-63-0131DE.

Approved for the NARM Midwifery Bridge Certificate, Category 3.

Cartoon by R.J. Romero and used with permission.

  • Instructor

    Instructor Bio:

    Maryl Smith, CPM, LDM, has an active homebirth practice and has been catching babies since 1984. Over the years she has cared for women from over 18 different nations, worked in two free-standing birth centers, taught as adjunct staff at Birthingway College of Midwifery and served in multiple roles in the promotion of midwifery in the state of Oregon. Her passion is supporting trauma survivors during the perinatal experience. Maryl frequently travels the world with her pastor/musician husband working to preserve indigenous spiritual expression in music. Her other activities include adventures with her granddaughters, herb gardening, writing and being active in her local Native American community.

    Maryl Smith

    CPM, LDM

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Intro and Permitted Uses Without Written Authorization of the Patient
    Show details
    • Study Guide
    • Video 1.1: Introduction
    • Video 1.2: Permitted uses without written authorization of the patient
  • 02
    Permitted Uses That Require Written Authorization
    Show details
    • Video 2.1: Record Requests
    • Video 2.2: Websites and Social Media (FACEBOOK!)
    • Quiz 2
  • 03
    Written Policies and Notices
    Show details
    • Video 3.1: Written Policy of Privacy Practices
    • Video 3.2: Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Video 3.3: Business Associates, Employee, and Volunteer Agreements
    • Quiz 3
  • 04
    Transmissions and Communications
    Show details
    • Video 4.1: General Protections for Communication, and Snail Mail
    • Video 4.2: Just The Fax
    • Video 4.3: Mobile Devices
    • Video 4.4: Email Policy
    • Video 4.5: Texting
    • Video 4.6: Email and Texting Handout
    • Quiz 4
  • 05
    The Office
    Show details
    • Video 5.1: Paper Charts In The Office
    • Video 5.2: Paper Charts Out Of The Office (Homevisits! Apprentice documentation!)
    • Video 5.3: Office Computers
    • Video 5.4: Closing Your Practice
    • Quiz 5
  • 06
    Wrapping It Up
    Show details
    • Video 6.1: Resharing
    • Video 6.2: The Checklist
    • PDF: The Checklist
    • Quiz 6
    • Bonus Section!
  • 07
    Link to Post-Test and CE Certificate
    Show details
    • MEAC Evaluation Questions
    • Link to MEAC Post-Test and CE Certificate
  • 08
    Bonus Section: Special Circumstances During Covid-19 Crisis
    Show details
    • HIPAA Exceptions During Covid-19

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  • By Kathetine Bramhall

    “really great”

    “really great”

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  • By Betty Ludlow

    “Maryl did a great job and the handouts were a blessing!”

    “Maryl did a great job and the handouts were a blessing!”

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  • By Terra Pierce

    “Thank you for putting together a straight forward informational course”

    “Thank you for putting together a straight forward informational course”

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