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Holly Scholles

Jaundice: Friend or Foe?

This course is a fundraiser for Birthingway College of Midwifery and has been approved by MEAC for 3 hours of CE.

Holly Scholles

Thyroid Disorders in the Perinatal Period

This fundraiser for Birthingway College is approved by MEAC and OBNM for 4 hours of CE.

Jesica Dolin

Billing Beyond the Global

Please note: This mini-course is INCLUDED in the Billing For Midwives course.

Melissa Cheyney

Labor after Cesarean in the Community Setting: Recent Research and Clinical Implications

approved by MEAC for 6 hours of CE

Jesica Dolin

Billing for Midwives

Early bird access available! Click for details.

Holly Scholles

Fetal Assessment In Labor

Approved by MEAC and OBNM for 8 contact hours specific to midwifery/OB.

Eve Bernfeld, MA

Preventing Back Pain In Pregnancy (And In Life!)

Approved by MEAC for 4 hours of continuing education for midwives, approved by OBNM for 4 hours of general CE.

Silke Akerson

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

APPROVED BY MEAC FOR 3 CONTACT HOURS ~ a fundraiser for the Oregon Midwifery Council

Pat Scheans DNP, NNP-BC

Pulse Oximetry Screening for 
Critical Congenital Heart Disease (cCHD)

Approved by MEAC and OBNM for 2.5 hours of continuing education specific to midwifery/OB.

Jesica Dolin

ICD-10 For Midwives ~ In A Nutshell!

Over 500 students took this course during the two years it was certified by MEAC. We have now retired it from MEAC CE certification, and offer it for free!

Jesica Dolin

Billing Revolution

Is your billing in need of a revolution? Watch the preview video to find out! Course completion certificate available for 1 hour of CE for midwives.


Jaundice: Friend or Foe? + Thyroid Disorders In The Perinatal Period

SEVEN hours of MEAC approved CE with Holly Scholles!